Firefighters Burn Institute Youth Firesetter Program
Identity, Business System & Print Design
The Youth Firesetter Program is the juvenile outreach function of the Firefighters Burn Institute. The program provides an educational alternative to juvenile detention for first-time offenders.
The program was originally named Juvenile Firesetters (JFS), but the committee felt the term Juvenile shared the negative connotations with delinquency. Substituting it with the more open-ended Youth, I was hired to re-brand the program as the more restorative, supportive function of the fire prevention community.    
Although a stand-alone entity from FFBI, its identity had to reflect its relationship to its parent organization and the fire prevention community as a whole to concerned parents and school administrators. This requirement made the use of the firefighters' Maltese Cross central to any solution. The bold typeface set on an exaggerated angle shows progress and a slight 'uplift' for families facing a difficult situation.    
Logo, Business System, Poster, Brochure and Wordpress website (CMS) with customized responsive theme.
The program materials have been distributed throughout Northern California, helping over 100 young arson offenders.
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