NevMade. Useful & Unique Housewares
Responsive Web Design
NevMade creates one-of-a-kind, handpainted products for the home. Targeted to a sophisticated audience with a knack for modernist home decor, these products boast the highest production values despite their handmade character.
As a start-up working with limited resources, NevMade relies on other online properties to do the heavy lifting for the business. Disappointed by the sameness and clutter of other hosted social and e-commerce platforms, the one-page responsive site provides a central, branded hub. Having the page makes it possible to scale up to other providers without losing brand or valuable search equity. The page also captures email subscriptions to support outbound marketing. A respectable average clickthrough rate of 8% for these custom emails complements the growth of her contact list.
Since 2015, Nevmade has grown from selling sporadically online and at monthly markets, to having products stocked in West Elm stores throughout California. With guidance and a very limited ad spend, she has seen her visibility and sales grow on Instagram and Etsy, respectively. She continues to build her pre-qualified list of leads through the website and plans to expand to a more robust ecommerce solution in the coming year.
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