Ganglians Monster Head Room LP + 7" album package for Weird Forest Records. Outer typewriter text and Illustration by Toni Fauci. I did entirety of package design, inner typography and project management.
Inner dustjacket design for 12" (holds vinyl inside gatefold pocket).
Inner Dustjacket (back)
Full Color Labels For LP Vinyl
The CD that this package re-presents in vinyl format needed to accommodate two songs that wouldn't fit onto the 12". Rather than do another 12" like you would normally see, the label opted instead for adding an additional 7". The 7" was packaged in its own stand-alone sleeve, but was shrinkwrapped in with the larger gatefold. This is the front of the simple, single-fold cover for the 7".
Inside front of 7" sleeve.
Inside back of 7" sleeve.
Outside back of 7" sleeve.
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