The series needed a solution to make it possible to release 12 LPs in a year on a slim budget. After consulting with the printer (Thingmakers (Tacoma, WA)), we came up with concept to produce the albums modularly. The front and back jacket panel were printed and die cut en masse to take advantage of volume. As individual records were completed, the associated back panel artwork would then be printed again in an additional two spot colors. Due to the low-print runs of each release, a full-color insert and labels could be printed digitally. The insert, visible through the die-cut, became unique cover art at a fraction of the price of printing traditional jackets. Releases by Acetate Zero (France), St. Avalanche (Sacramento), destroyalldreamers (Montreal) and Sway (Ventura) were completed before the project was shut down.
Photo: Eric Quach
Jackets were designed modularly so that the inserts could be changed out acrosss the series, thus bringing down the cost of the series.
Painting: Anthony King
Each back panel was printed with its own 2-color signature over the main clearcoat layer for additional customization.
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