Accent Design & Interiors
Retail Event Print Promotionals
Accent is the interior design studio of Marosi White.
In Spring ’17, Marosi began positioning herself to pursue her design practice full-time after several years in education. A pop-up event within the local Display retail space would provide Accent substantial visibility prior to its official launch at the end of the year.
An in-store poster was created to drive foot traffic to an scheduled appearance. Leave-behind cards promoted both the design services and her curated decor line. Additional, branded hangtags allowed shoppers to learn about the origins and makers of the unique items.
Accent and Primarily began working together in an advisory mode earlier in 2017. Over the course of 4 weeks, discovery helped shape and focus the direction of her brand. Dissatisfied with the results she was seeing from another designer, I took over the small print project used during the pop-up retail event in June.
With the business still in its ‘incubation’ period, we had a limited budget but getting creative with formats sourced allowed us to do more with less.
Designed as two pieces, the promotional allowed its audience an informative takeaway as well as a lead-generating leave behind. Accent was able to source future leads from the use of these cards (even when off-site) that has more than returned on the early investment.
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